To: The Education Secretary Justine Greening

Make Sex and Relationship Education LGBT Inclusive

Make Sex and Relationship Education LGBT Inclusive

Have Sex and Relationship Education in all British Schools reflect societies' evolving attitude to LGBT people, Make compulsory Sex and Relationship Education LGBT Inclusive.

Why is this important?

LGBT people continue to be excluded from Sex and Relationship Education in British schools. The government currently deems the standard of SRE as teaching children about the biological and reproductive aspects of sex, which automatically excludes LGBT people, including LGBT students. It is also not mandatory for schools to go into any real depth about what a relationship can mean for a LGBT person.

LGBT people exist, in and out of school. We deserve to be represented. But right now, LGBT students are leaving school feeling like their thoughts and instincts are not natural or normal. They're leaving school completely under prepared for adulthood.

Non-LGBT students remain ignorant about what sex and a relationship can mean for LGBT people, perpetuating the idea that LGBT can be laughed at, embarrassed about or feared. Having LGBT inclusive SRE would help cement that fact that we exist as a community and that we're not going anywhere.

Reforming SRE is vital because it would encourage LGBT students to come-out. Students would feel encouraged and supported.

It would help to combat homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying in schools.

It would help to ensure that the next generation reaches adulthood less ignorant than the last.

Reasons for signing

  • cause we had enough heteronormative behaviors already!
  • I didn't know what I felt for years because no one told me about other sexual orientations and it was driving me nuts
  • I'm fighting for LGBT rights in all the equal rights of all spheres of human life


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